The Pravis farm has been producing and marketing wines and spirits since 1974, located in Valle dei Lakes in the municipality of Madruzzo; was born from the union of three friends who in a few years reach the objectives set reaching the construction of the last headquarters in 2002 with high standards qualitative in terms of working and environmental efficiency.

It cultivates in its vineyards traditional, local and PIWI varieties - naturally resistant to plant diseases- and transforms the entire production in its own cellar and subsequently in its own distillery.

In recent years, attention has increasingly shifted to more ecological production, both in countryside and in the cellar to guarantee high quality products; marketed both in Italy and in Europe and overseas.

In 2019, the generational change was completed thanks to operation 6.1.1. of the Plan of rural development of the Autonomous Province of Trento (AID TO START-UP COMPANIES FOR YOUNG FARMERS), in fact becomes part of the company Silvio Chistè beneficiary of € 40,000.00, thanks to which it was possible to increase the company surfaces and consequently the implement the productions.

In addition to Silvio Chistè, the youngest, his brother Alessio Chistè was included in the previous years and the two sisters Giulia and Erika Pedrini.

At the same time, financial contributions are requested from the Autonomous Province of Trento with the “aid application 4.1.1.” for the realization of an agricultural reclamation in the immediate vicinity of the company and for the purchase of agricultural machinery to be used as mechanical weeding. The company benefits from an eligible contribution of € 22,288.28 based on the applications presented in the November 2019.