OUR TERRITORY in the heart of Trentino

A pact between man and territory

Vineyards swept by the lakes’ gentle breeze under the clear sky of our Dolomites. The perfect climate, mitigated by the Ora, the wind sweeping the Valle all the way from Lake Garda.

What gives a soul to our products is our land, with all its different traits. We have selected the perfect variety for every plot of land, without forcing nature. Our goal is to become part of the synergy between the winemaking process, the territory and the seasons without disrupting it.

We want to be the keepers of our tradition

In our fields, we unite experimentation and tradition. We believe that you have to understand the future of winemaking, we have to hold on to tradition. We have chosen to grow many different varieties of local vines, first of all Nosiola, and we have also saved certain varieties which were at risk of disappearing, such as Negrara.

We do this with the utmost respect for biodiversity, and we do this out of our passion for growing vines... only to make wine.