OUR COMPANY innovation and tradition

We are a big family united by our love for viticulture and winemaking. We are two generations who are learning from one another, influencing one another with the values of our tradition and the will to innovate.

We have been growing vines for over 40 years, interpreting nature in order to enhance our heritage of labour, constant cultural challenges, in the midst of seasonal differences that evolve into wonderful pleasures.

Our job is all about dedication and spontaneity. The things that help our intuitions are patience and wine’s natural strength.

We learn from our land and we let each phase of the grape’s transformation reflect how natural this process is. To do so, our winemaking technology is willingly reduced to a minimum. The grapes are pressed and fall into the fermentation vats, then into the barrels and finally into bottles.

Ours are wines of the past, present and future

We are deeply connected to the agricultural culture here in Trentino, we hold tightly on to tradition, growing also indigenous varieties, which represent our land and our beliefs.

But we also live in the present, and therefore we have a selection of international varieties and we welcomw business with foreign countries.

We know that the future is getting closer and closer, and we have wanted to anticipate it by being the first in Italy to grow zero impact PIWI varieties.

A wine cellar standing between earth, rocks and wind in the Valle dei Laghi.

At the feet of Castel Madruzzo, exposed to the sun and the wind that blows through the valle, our wine cellar is completely surrounded by limestone rocks. The modern architectural style stands side by side with the natural beauty of the Dolomites dominating the outdoors.