History in a glass

History in a glass. A history born of sacrifice, hopes, disappointments, and regret. Destrani
means precisely the nostalgia for a recent but apparently distant history.
Memories of harvests, peasant festivals, rural rituals dedicated to daily wines.
Wines just for domestic drinking. Made with grapes from old vines of the Valle dei Laghi of the
Franconia variety which create an easy drinking red wine that is fresh, with an inviting edginess
and pleasing rusticity. A wine that recalls freshly-pressed grapes. And the memories of peasant harvest festivals.

Grape varietal

Vineyard location
“Pradel” zone in Lasino, at 450 m a.s.l. with southwest exposue

Soil type

Vine training system
Simple Trentino pergola

50 hl/hectare

Winemaking techniques
Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tank at a controlled temperature, with then maceration for two weeks at 28°/30° C. The wine is matured for 6 months in bottle.


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