La tradizione che si concretizza.

The name L’Ora is dedicated to the Aura Aurea, the “golden breeze” blowing form lake Garda.
This white wine, invitingly golden itself, is the product of deeply rooted Trentino oenological
traditions. Autoctonous Nosiola grapes are dried on grates before vinification, then the wine is aged in small Acacia wood barrels. This process yields rich, honeyed hues and a full aromatic patrimony including fresh, wild hazelnuts and budding white grapevine flowers. On the palate it is dense and smooth yet balanced against a firm acidity and lively mineral quality.

Grape varietal

Vineyard location
Calavino hills, at 400 m a.s.l. with southwest exposure

Soil type
Calcareous marl

Vine training system

30 hl/hectare

Winemaking techniques
After short drying on grates, the wine is aged in small Acacia-wood barrels

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