Rows of vineyards suspended between lakes and Brenta's sky...

Vineyard-covered slopes surrounded by slabs of stone, crystal blue lakes and the steep walls of the Dolomites, gently swept by the Mediterranean wind: this is where our wines are produced.
Pravis wines are mirror the features of the Alpine environment: the soil where the vines take root and the territory where the history of the people of Trentino has developed. Numerous small vineyards scattered on the sunny slopes of the mountains that separate Trento from the lower Sarca Valley, between the Brenta Dolomites and Lake Garda. Endless rows of vines, tended with care in the luxuriant valley, as well as at higher altitudes, up to the highest altitude vineyards.
Each parcel of vineyard is planted with Vitis Vinifera according to its unique microenvironment, thus completing this magical connection between the land, the plant, and the grapegrowers.
Rows of vineyards suspended: between the blue of the lakes of the Garda basin and the clear sky above the Brenta Dolomites
An agreeable climate soothed by the Ora wind of Garda, a wind full of life and perfumed with wines.
Tradition and innovation stand together in our vineyard
We believe that to best interpret our oenological future it is best to appraise the knowledge of the past.