Life and vines have turned into synonyms in our lives...

We work surrounded by nature to appraise the heritage resulting from hard work and challenges posed by the varying seasons, which have gradually become intertwined with our lives of growers. Unique and unmistakeable, based on life’s simplicity.
We have been growing wine grapes for over forty years.
Friendship, rather than our work as winemakers unite us, three grape growers. Life and vines have turned into synonyms in our lives and the need to work in harmony with our surroundings
is a fundamental feature of our activity. The environmental framework of our work is made of mountains and lakes, medieval castles and rural landscapes: the foundations of a winemaking
culture which forms an integral part of our rural culture.

In the country:

Gianni Chistè, Alessio Chistè

In the wine vault:

Domenico Pedrini, Erika Pedrini, Giuseppe Gobber

In office:

Mario Zambarda, Giulia Pedrini, Lina Floriani