Grappa " La Delicata"

Raw Materials: Nosiola, Müller Thurgau and Chardonnay grape pomaces. Only from grapes grown along the hills of Valle dei Laghi, 400-500 meters above sea level, in our property: Le Frate, Polin and San Thomà.

Distillation: Grape pomace is distilled as soon as fermentation is complete, assisted by the addition of cultured yeasts. Fermentation occurs in dedicated tanks, with the opportunity to monitor the temperature, immediately after grapes are destemmed and pressed. Distillation is carried out though our state-of-the-art bain-marie alembic; the product obtained is a 73 - 78% Vol. grappa, which is kept in stainless steel tanks awaiting further processing.

Bottling: 6 months after distillation, the product is diluted until reaching 43% Vol. and subsequently filtered at 0-2 ˚C

Packaging: cartons containing 6 0.70 l bottles in square-shaped cases


Colour: crystal clear

Nose: fine, delicate, sligtly aromatic

Palate: smooth and fairly strong

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